SheAngel19’s reason for physical shifting to be possible (part 1 of a 2 part post)
Everything is made up of atoms. Everything. No matter consistency or density. Water for example. When applied with different forms of energy (heat or cold) it changes the density and structure of liquid. That is what causes the body temperature spike associated with physical shifting. A manipulation of atomic make up of ones body. Now the link you provideds biggest arguement circulated around matter. Comparing height and size. However the flaw in this theory is they are comparing to a typical animal. Obviously a were creature does not apply to what is ‘typical’. They are not taking into consideration that a say 6’ man at 155lbs would make a wolf roughly 30” at the shoulder and maybe a slight shift in weight due to energy exerted through the shifting process. Now one thing I do express is you have to have a certain capacity for energy in order to shift because if not you will die. Just like an electrical current frying a wire. Adaptation to such energy is required. Now since we are using wolves as an example bones would thin out due to the body structure changing. This would allow more calcium reserve for things such as tail and teeth, elongation of the skull. I could go into further detail but I won’t since I believe I have made my point and my battery is getting low. Now its your turn junior. Give me a VALID theory behind therianthropy.
Such bullshit.