Fill in the blanks and tag 6 people!


Fill in the blanks and tag 6 people!

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Name: Zoe

Birthday: September 5th

Favorite color: Red

Lucky number: 7

Height: 5’4”-5’5”

Talents: art, idk

Last dream you remember: it was weird

Can you juggle: no

Art/sports/both: Art

Do you like writing: Yeah

Do you like dancing: Yeah but I suck

Do you like singing: It’s fun and I’m not bad at it but I hate singing in front of people


Dream vacation: Hawaii or Germany

Dream guy/gal:  Dex

Dream wedding: -shrug- one where I don’t have to do thank you cards

Dream pet: Idk. I love a lot of animals

Dream job: Something easy

Favorite song: Can’t pick one

Favorite albums: Idk

Last song you heard on the radio: Idk

Least favorite song: Idk

Least favorite album: Idk

Least favorite artist: Idk


Guys/girls/both: Both

Hair color: I like red

Eye color: -shrug-

Humorous/serious: Both

Taller/shorter: Taller

Biggest turn-off: Someone who’s an asshole

Biggest turn-on: Idk

Not tagging anyone but you can do this if you want.